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Who We Are


Applied Marketing Knowledge(AMK) is a specialty strategy, training and business consulting company. We specialize in the helping product and services companies growth their  businesses.  Founded in 2007 by Jane Sidebottom, a former business leaders in the buildings products/ services & design industries, AMK provides our clients a range of highly confidential consulting services designed to help them achieve their business goals.

Our roots are in the commercial buildings industry, with deep experience in the HVAC design, systems and controls market place. Over the last 13 years, we have spread those roots to other markets through gracious client referrals. Today, we actively support client growth in energy services, material handling, oil & gas, printing and private equity.

Our team of highly experienced and results-oriented consultants bring hard to match expertise to your project. Our backgrounds and experience are a unique and powerful combination of:

  • Product Development/Management

  • Market Research/Development (US & International)

  • Strategy/Business Leadership

  • Sales Strategy and Growth

  • Marketing Strategy and Execution

  • Pricing Strategy

  • M&A Analysis

  • Training

  • Utility Program Management


Whether it is delivering a training program  or a complex new business strategy, our team delivers a positive impact every time. In fact, more than 90% of our clients have done multiple projects with us.  And, unlike the larger consulting houses, we never "learn your industry on your dime."

For more information on our expertise see our Expertise & Approach page

 We are very proud of the impact we have had on our client's businesses. For more information see our Results.

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Dave Morrow
Managing Partner
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Jane Sidebottom
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