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HVAC Systems Training

 AMK offers the only brand neutral HVAC Systems Training program available in the market.  The 9 modules that make up this program are current, comprehensive and  cover all major system types and applications. The training can be customized to reflect the learning needs of your organization or customers, and  in a learning environment of your choice: in-person or via distance learning or both. We are fortunate to have such a strong team of product professionals, with outstanding systems knowledge and applications experience to deliver this training.  Whether you are new to the industry or just need to expand your systems knowledge, contact us.


Product Management Master Class

Have you tried to find good product manager training for your technical product managers lately? Unfortunately it doesn't exist for companies in the building materials, systems and controls industries. AMK's Product Management Master Class delivers the training and coaching product management professionals need to excel in their roles. We provide the training curriculum, tools and coaching necessary to equip Product Managers with the skills to manage and grow their product & service businesses. And our Product Managment Master Class can be scaled to fit a single individual or entire teams development need. 


Knowledge Based Sales

We know, there are hundreds of sales training programs on the market and thousands of books.  So why did we develop our own sales training program? Because we saw a gap that could only be filled by attending multiple programs or reading a bunch of books....and who has time for that?!  So, We extracted the common themes of those programs, mixed in some proven sales methods and synthesized it all into a series of 6 modules that focus on practical and relevant knowledge based sales training for your team.  


We work with you to deliver the training in the most practical, cost effective manner, develop real world examples suitable to your company/ industry and present methods to overcome sales objections.  Our sales tools and "check , reflect, adjust" session  make sure your team is effectively implementing the training.  And the best part...our trainers have come out of successful sales roles...we don't just take "train the trainer" classes and call ourselves experts.

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